At it was Caesarian. Observing

At it was Caesarian. Observing They have nothing to do, children near them are not present, here they also scratch languages day and night, hang out.

I for anybody did not want to spend own energy, only for the child.

I was entirely shipped in myself and was eager to be fenced off from everything that was not part of my internal world.

After a while brought the neigbour, she appeared the huge corpulent darkhaired woman it would be interesting to look at her husband.

At it was Caesarian.

Observing then as hard it departs from an anesthesia, I understood why physiological childbirth is considered as ideal option of a rodorazresheniye.

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Therefore And as this gift worthy, we, already old residents of the world of education, are compelled to turn back to it and to greet.

The book will surprise and will interest the reader.

Than it will surprise?

The pedagogical consciousness develops also slowly as the human consciousness in general slowly evolves.

Therefore it is not necessary to speak about certain outstanding opening.

The pedagogical science with the huge number of masters and doctoral dissertations cannot brag that deals with the opening capable to turn pedagogical consciousness.

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Or displeasure. With

Or displeasure. With The strong mot will sometimes escape.

Or irritation.

Or displeasure.

With the policy of VHI you from such accidents are insured.

With simple or someones patients it is possible not to stand on ceremony, and will stand on ceremony with difficult.

At the same forums pretty often women complain of extortion from the staff of maternity hospitals.

It seems as anesthesiologists ask money for effective anesthesia, elevator operators for a trip on the elevator, security guards for meetings with native in the hall, childrens nurses for kids at an extract.

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Lisas ideas

Lisas ideas Remember, I described ours with Lisa telephone conversation when both of us considered what we will give birth to boys?

So it appeared that at Lisa with Sasha too GIRL!

We with the girlfriend with all the heart laughed then: here such both of us had a developed intuition.

Lisas ideas of ideal childbirth were similar to mine.

But it went even further me: Lisa not simply wanted separate chamber, she wanted FAMILY chamber, i.


such where all family newly made parents and their kid are together.

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For example, even

For example, even At first it is necessary to teach him to use a supportive application in a habitual situation, for this purpose parents should create suitable situations.

For example, even the most small child with pleasure will use similar means during game to choose a toy, or during reading familiar history to squeeze the word.

Often the device already contains the most widespread phrases greetings and answers to them for example: Hi, how are you doing?

, it is good or I want to tell you something.

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I was the only

I was the only So, I will call myself Fedor.

The good name, is in it something thorough, slow, conformable with my character.

I was born in a working family in the settlement near the city Kirov years ago.

In those time when was honourable to be the worker, was many cities with this name.

And so, mine the small, such small that it it is possible to consider only on the map of the Kaluga region.

I was the only and very late child in a family.

I so never also did not learn, why.

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Where there

Where there Where there were her parents?

What after all it happened, time she could not go and tell all the mother?

I all the same, of course, worried, but knew time mother sympathizes with strangers, she will understand also me.


And as if you thought that we do not listen to you, we hear that you speak though sometimes you think that it not so.

Sara and other girls with whom I communicated, made the decision to handle problems to parents because saw their relation to on to other children who fell in a similar situation.

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